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Lawn Removal:

Removing a lawn seems easy enough: Dig it up and haul it away. Removing sod "can be back-breaking work,"removing too much topsoil and inciting the growth of crab grass can occur if proper methods are not taken. If you decide to rototill all you're doing is re-planting the grass, because grass grows from the stems, your pesty grass will return. Most people often make the mistake of hiring a low-budget crew that just tears-up the top of the lawn, leaving the existing root system still in place, and winding up with residual
weeds. You're left with the Lawn That Will Not Die. It can be difficult to kill a lawn when not properly executed, and the end result is more cost and more labor. We find it best to contact a professional and eliminate the possibility of future issues.

At Exceptional Lawn we far exceed the competition by properly and professionally completing every task.
We will ensure that your lawn be properly removed.

We do all the work so you can kick back and relax knowing your lawn is in safe hands.

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