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Let's get to the bottom of what lawn thatch is, and how it effects your lawn. The reason why you may not be familiar with what thatch is is because it accumulates on the surface of your soil just below the grass line and usually out of sight. Thatch is a layer of grass stems, roots, clippings, and debris that settle on the ground and either slowly decompose and/or accumulate over time. Thatch buildup is commonly found in lawns where grass has grown tall, mulch is frequently left, and lawns that have never been aerated.

Dethaching is the process or removing Thatch from your lawn. Remember, thatch can be good for lawns, especially during times of drought, water restrictions, and high heat, when it can act like insulation for the soil by providing a screen from sun light and help to hold in moisture. Conversely, thatch that accumulates in excess of 1/2 Inch can actually work as a disadvantage to your lawn by creating too much buffer between the soil and the grass, thereby preventing sufficient amounts of water, air, and nutrients (fertilizer) to reach the soil. Excess thatch can also encourage the proliferation of pests such a Chinch bugs, insects, and various lawn diseases and fungi.

Much like aerating, dethatching should be done when your lawn can best recover, usually not during times of drought, water restrictions, and heat waves. For most lawns this is either in the late spring or early fall.

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